Having A Small Pimple Like Lump In Your Breast For A Long Time Normal?


Asked by Lupitalopez

Having A Small Pimple Like Lump In Your Breast For A Long Time Normal?

Hello, well I'm 18 and i Know I'm "toooo" young to be thinking i may have breast cancer but i have somewhat of a "pimple" on my right breast i say pimple because i cant really describe it, it doesn't have a tip a dot or an eye as of a pimple its really soft and pink and its been there for sooooo long :( i think i remember i did have a pimple in that same spot a long time ago and i popped it i think, so idk if its a scar if it was actually a pimple or something else! Im just scared and i have no pain on the lump. I also want to point out that my grandma(moms side) had both breast remove 7 yrs ago and now is fighting lung cancer which already spread to her kidney, my mom was in treatment about 14 yrs ago and now my uncle was diagnosed with cancer aswell. All of that has me on panic mode :(


Lupita, you're never too young to take an interest in your health - you're developoing responsible habits that will stand you in good stead for the future. What you describe doesn't sound like a typical breast cancer symptom; breast cancer lumps are nearly always internal (not showing on the surface); and they change over time. Since you say you've had this bump on the breast for a long time (and it hasn't been getting larger, right?), I'd assume it's something to do with your skin; perhaps some scar tissue from that previous pimple, as you mention.

Your grandmother's breast cancr may raise your own risk slightly; and if your mom was diagnosed with breast cancer (not sure, from your description, what kind of cancer she had), then yes, your risk is raised a bit more. But keep in mind other kinds of cancer in the family don't raise your risk of breast cancer.

Please read our post on breast lumps, for more information on the subject. And if you're very stressed about this, do see a doctor, for your emotional well-being. But at your age, and from what you describe - I'd say the risk of this being cancer is small. Take care - PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel