Having To Wipe A Lot After Going To The Toilet


Asked by Zeko35

Having To Wipe A Lot After Going To The Toilet


The past several months going to the toilet has been somewhat of a nightmare. I always have loads to wipe and I can be on the toilet for an hour. Just now I was there for an hour and I must of used a full toilet roll, if not more. Also once I'm done on the toilet I often have stomach ache.

I've looked up the symptoms of Irrital Bowel Syndrome on the NHS website (NHS is the UK's health service) and I don't see anything about having to wipe a lot being on there. There is a lot of IBS in my family, by the way which is what has led me to believe it could be that... although as I say my issue isn't down as a symptom.
Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.


Hi Zeko,

Thanks for writing.
Debris, as I call it is annoying but not really a "symptom" of a specific illness as far as I know. I know perfectly healthy people without gut issues who have debris problems here-and-there.
You don't give many details so I'll give my best suggestion - it sounds like you need to add a bit of fiber, or bulk, to your stools to firm things up. Think leafy greens, berries such as strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry are loaded with good, healthy fiber as are bananas and avocado. Quality grains are helpful as well - brown rice, millet, quinoa.
A good quality diet of whole, healthy, low-sugar, non-processes foods is a good idea.
Keep in mind that IBS - Irritable Bowel Syndrome is not an illness, per se, it is a set of symptoms that are not indicative of another illness. So, it's a bit of a catch-all phrase when no other illness can be identified.
If improving your diet doesn't help the problem then I suggest you see your general doctor and discuss the issue further. It could be a food intolerance such as to wheat, gluten, or dairy that is causing the debris issue.
Best of luck to you,


Answered by Elizabeth Roberts