Having Your Cake and Eating It Too: Delicious and Healthy Recipes from John McManamy

If you've been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, you need to make smart choices about your diet - but that doesn't mean only carrots and celery.

Food is sustenance, comfort, friendship, spirituality, community, and love. With our illness, though, it can also earn us bonus mileage to the emergency room. A 30-pound weight gain after I first went on my meds very quickly taught me that my survival depended on eating smart. But I wasn't about to trade in my dearly-beloved pizza and wings and cheesecake for yucky rabbit food.

Instead, I came up with a way of having my cake and eating it, too, with absolutely no compromise to flavor and texture. Creamy dishes with no cream, hearty beefy mains with no beef, rich fatty tastes with hardly any fat, mouth-watering flavors with no sugar crashes.

Below you will find a collection of my too-die-for recipes that don't require dying to enjoy. Every recipe here tells a story, from romancing my special someone over risotto to spiritual healing over pizza. We are what we eat. Bon appetite!

The Perfect Pizza

Just One Word: Rissoto

Smart Wings: A Healthier Take on the Classic Hotwings

The Perfect (Low-Fat) Cheesecake

Flavors of France: McMan's Winter Cassoulet

McMan's Elvis Pizza

McMan's Brainy Fish and Chips

Chicken Parmasana

McMan's Yummietudinous Yogurt Smoothies

McMan's Sinful Cinnamon Rolls

Salmon: The Ultimate Bipolar Fish

Enjoy the Summer Greens: McMan's Green Mountain Grilled Chicken

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