My Hdl Is 28 Is That Bad?


Asked by susieramirez

My Hdl Is 28 Is That Bad?


I wanted to know if my Hdl is bad it's 28 and my Ldl is 123.4.. Is it true that if u exercise more and watch what u eat the numbers look better? My triglycerides are 53. Can you explain this to me in plain English. thanks


Hi Susieramirez,

Here are the recommendations of the American Heart Association:

Total cholesterol less than 200
HDL cholesterol at least > 40, ideally > 60
LDL cholesterol at least less than 130, ideally less than 100
Triglycerides less than 150

I recommend you review the following post to learn more about HDL and how to increase HDL levels.

Tips on How to Raise Your HDL

Yes, if you increase physical activity and eat the right foods you can improve your cholesterol levels.

All the best,

Lisa Nelson RD

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