Hdl 102; Ldl 149 Triglycerides 46; Total Cholesterol 260-what Does This Mean?


Asked by evie

Hdl 102; Ldl 149 Triglycerides 46; Total Cholesterol 260-what Does This Mean?

My total cholesterol number was 260 but the Doctor said no medication. High cholesterol runs in my family. However, my numbers were HDL 102; LDL 149; and Triglycerides 46. What does this all mean? Thanks.


Hi Evie,

Here's an article that explains what your cholesterol lab results mean:

Making Sense of Cholesterol Ratios, Lipid Profiles and Your Heart Disease Risk Scores

It's best to consult your MD to determine the best treatment options for you. Looking at only your numbers, I recommend focusing your attention on lowering LDL cholesterol by simple diet changes. Overall, your labs appear to be good.

An HDL of 102 is very high, fortunately HDL is the good form of cholesterol, so more is beneficial. A triglyceride level of 46 is excellent. LDL should be lower than 130 mg/dl and depending on your situation, some MD's like LDL to be less than 100 mg/dl. Since your HDL is so high, this may counteract your elevated LDL level. Again, work with your MD to determine your risk. An effective way to lower LDL cholesterol is through dietary fiber, especially soluble fiber.

A total cholesterol of 260 is usually cause for concern. Total cholesterol should be less than 200; however, your high HDL level is contributing to your high total cholesterol:

Total cholesterol = HDL + LDL + (Triglycerides x 0.20)

Therefore, you total cholesterol being above 260 may not be a concern. Quiz your MD until you are clear about your risk and the treatment strategy he/she recommends.

All the best,

Lisa Nelson, RD, LN

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Answered by Lisa Nelson, RD, LN