I Have A Headache With Arm Numbness, Any Idea Why?


Asked by cwalker719

I Have A Headache With Arm Numbness, Any Idea Why?

For the past 2 weeks or so my left arm keeps going numb, not quite like it goes to sleep but more pins and needles. Its more annoying then anything, but it does make some functions difficult. I also get horrible headaches on the back side of my head on the right side. They have gotten so bad that I have been physically sick. I'm not positive that the symptoms are connected but they started about the same time.


Hi cwalker719,

Have you spoken with your doctor about this? I would strongly suggest a phone call to your doctor at once since he is qualified to handle your care.

Some Migraineurs will have tingling in the limbs during a Migraine. Again, if this is a new symptom, even with head pain, please contact your doctor. Dr. Silberstein, a Migraine specialist I met in Philadelphia at the International Headache Congress last week, stressed that point - get to the doctor if your symptoms are new or different. Migraine with aura may have reversible sensory symptoms, visual symptoms and others. For more information on Migraine with aura continue reading this article: Migraine With Aura - The Basics.

I hope this helps


Answered by Nancy Harris Bonk