Headache Stay Gone for Headaches and Migraines - Beware

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For those of you who know me a bit, you'll know that the phone number 888-MYCURE8 is enough to set alarm bells sounding loudly in my head. The product associated with this phone number has been the subject of three SharePosts on our site, and it's time for me to respond.

The product in question here is Headache Stay Gone. (And, no, I will _not _ link to their site here.) According to the site, the product contains:

  • rosemary
  • peppermint
  • ginger mint
  • blue vervain
  • slippery elm
  • meadowsweet
  • nettles
  • basil
  • hops
  • white willow bark
  • bioflavinoids

It is stated on the site that "Headache Stay Gone is affordable and free from side effects." Free from side effects? That is truly just impossible. These ingredients certainly do have potential side effects. I'm not going to take the time to track down every ingredient, but here are some potential side effects and notes of caution for some of them:

White Willow Bark:

  • "Because willow bark contains salicin, people who are allergic or sensitive to salicylates (such as aspirin) should not use willow bark. Some researchers suggest that people with asthma, diabetes, gout, gastritis, hemophilia, and stomach ulcers should also avoid willow bark. If you have any of these conditions, take nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) regularly or blood-thinning medication, be sure to consult your health care provider before taking willow bark. Willow bark should not given to children under the age of 16.
  • Side effects tend to be mild. However, gastrointestinal irritation and ulcers are potentially associated with all compounds containing salicylates. Overdoses of willow bark may cause skin rash, stomach inflammation/irritation, nausea, vomiting, kidney inflammation, and tinnitus (ringing in the ears).
  • Salicylates are not recommended during pregnancy, so pregnant and breastfeeding women should not take willow bark.
  • Because willow bark contains salicylates, it has the potential to interact with a number of drugs and herbs. Talk to your doctor before taking willow bark if you take any other medications, herbs, or supplements." (1)


  • Hops can increase the symptoms of depression.
  • Because of potential hormonal effects, hops should not be taken by small children and pregnant or breast-feeding women.
  • Hops can cause daytime drowsiness.
  • Drug interactions: "Taking hops may increase the sleepiness from sedating drugs and herbals. Sedation may be increased, as well, if hops is taken with certain other types of drugs, such as anticonvulsants and tricyclic antidepressants. Hops may also interfere with the body's ability to use certain allergy, antifungal, cancer, cholesterol-lowering, or contraceptive agents." (2)


  • Meadowsweet can cause bronchospams, a tightening of the air passages in the lungs. Bronchospasm can trigger an asthma attack or make it worse. People with asthma should avoid using meadowsweet.
  • Because of its aspirin-like component, meadowsweet should not be given to children. Individuals with allergies to aspirin or sulfites should also avoid taking meadowsweet due to its similarities to aspirin.
  • Meadowsweet showed a slight possibility of causing uterine contractions in animal studies, therefore women who are pregnant should not take meadowsweet.
  • The salicylate component in meadowsweet may cause problems with blood clotting. People with clotting problems should avoid using meadowsweet. (3)


  • "A tightening effect that nettle aerial parts may have on the muscles of the uterus may cause a miscarriage. Therefore nettle's aerial parts should not be taken by pregnant women.
  • Individuals who have swelling or fluid retention caused by heart failure or who have kidney conditions should not use nettle's aerial parts -- especially with excessive amounts of water -- because both those conditions may be worsened.
  • Because the aerial parts of nettle may raise or lower blood sugar levels unpredictably, individuals with diabetes should avoid their use." (4)

"Free from side effects?" By the time I finished looking up these ingredients, I was actually rather alarmed by them. Is miscarriage not a side effect? What about worsening heart failure or kidney conditions? Raising or lowering blood sugar levels?

This Web sit also states, "Almost all headaches are caused by a structural weakness of blood vessels in the head." This is just wrong. Stop and think about how many of us could well have suffered from hemorrhagic strokes if that statement were true

How's this for a claim?

Q. How long does it take for Headache Stay Gone to cure headaches?

As for the waiting until your "headaches are gone," one of our readers recently posted a comment about that:

"...I told him that since the first order didn't work for me I didn't want to order any more. His comment was ("well I guess your headaches just need to make you roll in the floor screaming, then you will want to take as many as necessary. That really should happen to you") I thought that was the most horrid thing anyone could say to an individual! Then he proceeded to tell me that he thought that I had taken the pills and got relief and that I just didn't want to pay him and that he would sue me in court..."

I'd encourage you to read more of this comment _HERE _.

I could spend hours writing pages about what I found written on that Web site, but it's worth neither my time to write or nor your time to read it. I would, however, like to quote two sections of the site that I found particularly telling and disturbing:

    The FDA is trying to make it impossible to purchase the ingredients needed to make an all-natural cure for headaches.
    If you or someone you know has frequent headaches; you can rightfully blame the FDA. For the last 15 years; the FDA has been preventing me from marketing an all-natural CURE called Headache Stay Gone. Headache Stay Gone CURES headaches rather than killing the pain temporarily like painkillers do."
  • "A foreign government controls much of the U.S. government, as well as the U.S. medical establishment, (including the FDA); that country is Israel; and every Jew is an Israeli citizen, regardless of what country they came from.** Our government and our medical establishment are being controlled for their benefit, NOT for the benefit of Americans.** They are controlling our FDA and news media and we almost elected two of them as our President (Al Gore & John Kerry)! ! !** Our government and medical system are so backward because they are benefiting the WRONG people! ! !** They are poisoning and killing us with their drugs and making a profit while doing it! !!"

If you're considering trying Headache Stay Gone, please research it and its ingredients fully and consult your doctor before trying it. I know what it's like to be desperate for help with headaches and Migraines, but please beware anyone who claims to have a "cure." Remember that herbs, minerals, and botanicals are drugs; they were man's first drugs. They _do _ have potential side effects.

Don't give up on finding effective treatment, but please do so safely.


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