Headache After Stroke?


Asked by Cintya

Headache After Stroke?

My mother had a stroke four months ago. After the stroke, she always complains that she's got headache. What I want to ask is if the headache will continue even though the doctor already give her medicine for them? How long will the headaches continue, and why is she having them?


Hi Cintya:

Do you know if you mother has any problems with high blood pressure? High blood pressure can cause headaches. Also, has she seen a neurologist in regards to her headaches? It may not hurt to see a specialist to see what is causing these headaches. Your physican or the specialist would be better able to answer your questions as to why your mother has these headaches.

Here is some information that James Castle,M.D. said in regards to headaches after strokes:

"Headaches after a stroke are fairly uncommon, but they might occur for the following reasons:

1. a redirection of blood flow when healthy arteries stretch and grow to supply blood to the part of the brain that has lost its normal supply

2. stretching of the brain's covering from scarring, swelling, or atrophy of the brain

3. small amounts of bleeding into the area of the old stroke (less likely)

4. a small tear in an artery (also unlikely)

If you're concerned, talk to your mother's doctor. The more dangerous of these possibilities can be excluded by imaging the brain and its blood vessels. Imaging should also rule out the possibility of recurrent strokes or TIAs. If the images don't show any major problems, it means the headaches aren't likely due to anything serious."

Hope this will help you get some answers,

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