Health agency urges TV-free days to fight obesity

If you're serious about getting your weight under control, try to limit your TV viewing to two hours a day or less. That's one of the latest recommendations from England's National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE).

Prolonged periods of watching TV have been linked to increasing obesity risk rates in many western countries, particularly the U.S, and Great Britain. In fact, the number of people with obesity in England has doubled over the past 10 years. NICE’s new guidelines aim at advising people how to maintain a healthy weight. The key, notes one researcher, is to make sure that energy output through activity and exercise is greater than energy input from food consumption.

Other recommendations outlined for a healthy weight and lifestyle included avoiding sugary drinks, walking or biking to work, limiting high-calorie foods, following a Mediterranean diet, avoiding fast food and limiting the amount of alcohol consumed.

These guidelines are one of many steps England is taking to tackle obesity rates. An emergency taskforce was established last month to help fight childhood obesity in the country.

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Sourced from:, Limit TV to help fight obesity, says NICE