Healthy and Tasty Food Ideas to Lower Your Blood Pressure

by Alvin Hopkinson Patient Expert

If you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure, more than likely your doctor has given you a list of foods to avoid. The list really seems much longer than it is. As you begin to modify your eating behaviors you will notice a change in your overall health. It is important that you eat the right foods for high blood pressure in order for you to gain control over it.

Throughout this article you will learn how to modify your eating without having to modify your taste buds. Your food has to lose unnecessary and unhealthy elements but the flavor can be brought out in other ways. Here are some tips to help make the change in lifestyle a little simpler.

  • Take the salt shaker away from the table and put it in a cabinet. Out of sight is the best. However, if you must use salt when you cook add a smaller amount at the very end of the meal, just before it is finished.

  • Instead of using salt in preparation use fresh herbs and spices. This will add flavor and not sodium.

  • Increase the amount of potassium you consume daily. You can do this by having a fresh fruit bowl with your breakfast or after dinner.

  • Avoid using condiments on your foods. They are often loaded with sodium. You can buy ones with lower sodium and use them in moderation if necessary.

  • You should limit the amount of alcohol you consume. This doesn't mean you can never drink another beer or glass of wine. Just do it in moderation and on occasion.

  • Add color to the meals with fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices. If the meal looks interesting you will be less likely to try and dress it up with salt or condiments.

Suggested Breakfast

  • Ÿ
    ½ cup of orange juice

  • Ÿ 1 cup of oatmeal

  • Ÿ 1 cup of milk (skim)

  • Ÿ 2 pieces of wheat toast

  • Ÿ Lightly buttered with less than 1tsp of low sodium margarine

  • Ÿ 1 tsp sugar

  • Ÿ 1 banana

Suggested Lunch

  • Ÿ 1
    ½ cups of spaghetti and reduced sodium marinara sauce

  • Ÿ 1 cup of salad

  • Ÿ 2 tbsp low sodium salad dressing

  • Ÿ 1 piece of Italian bread

  • Ÿ 1 tsp of low sodium margarine

  • Ÿ Medium apple

  • Ÿ 1 cup of grape juice

Suggested Dinner

  • Ÿ 3 oz. of grilled chicken breast

  • Ÿ
    ½ cup of grilled zucchini

  • Ÿ
    ½ cup of pasta salad (low sodium dressing should be used)

  • Ÿ 1 roll (whole wheat)

  • Ÿ 1 tsp low sodium margarine

  • Ÿ
    ½ cup pf peach cobbler

  • Ÿ
    ½ cup of milk (skim)

  • Ÿ
    ½ cup cranberry juice

As you can tell although the foods might be limited that you can eat, you can still eat very well. Sticking with the acceptable foods for high blood pressure is going to be a key factor in keeping control. With a little imagination you can be eating like a king, only healthier.

Alvin Hopkinson
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Alvin Hopkinson

Alvin wrote for HealthCentral as a patient expert for High Blood Pressure.