Do You Hear Noises In Your Neck?


Asked by Jazzy74

Do You Hear Noises In Your Neck?

For as long as I can remember I have always heard noises in my neck area. I am not talking about a cracking or bones but a sound of fluid. Does any one else have this? Makes me think that the whole venous theory, CCSVI, could have some validity to it. I'm curious if any one else experiences this.


Hi Denna,

This is an interesting question. I have heard the crackling sound before which comes from the bones or ligaments I think. I hear ringing in my ears all the time.

The only time I hear fluid or whoosing sounds is when I'm dehydrated or lightheaded. This sound obviously cooresponds with my heart beat.

I'm not sure I've ever hear the fluid sound you describe. However, I am curious to watch and see where the venous theory (CCSVI) goes over time. It's very interesting.

Answered by Lisa Emrich