My Heart Keeps Stopping Over And Over . It Started Two Months Ago. I Am 48. Female.


Asked by haven48

My Heart Keeps Stopping Over And Over . It Started Two Months Ago. I Am 48. Female.

I am 48. I don't smoke or drink. I got vertigo about 2 months ago. It is mostly gone. But I do get dizzy when I bend over or lay down. Around the same time my heart starting stopping and starting. It does it all day unless I am physically moving and doing and that makes it work so it is going faster with exercise so it doesn't stop. It stops constantly otherwise. I can fell it in my sternum area when it stops..I concerned. My dr. instant. Please help me!!!!!dm


It sounds like you are having palpitations—the sensation of an abnormal heart beat—which should be evaluated by a physician. Brief periods of abnormal heart beats (one or two beats) may be a normal variant, but long and painful palpitations suggest an underlying problem with the heart rhythm (arrhythmia) that should be investigated.

There are a number of factors that cause palpitations and can be easily corrected. Given that your symptoms only occur when you're not busy, they may be related to anxiety. Also, abnormal blood levels of electrolytes (potassium, magnesium, calcium), low blood counts, and thyroid dysfunction can all cause palpitations; as can certain drugs, including but not limited to caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, pseudoephedrine (Sudafed and other decongestants), albuterol, theophylline, and thyroid replacement.

Call your physician's office to inform them of your symptoms and any medications you may be taking. Schedule an appointment with your physician as soon as possible, and in the meantime drink plenty of fluids, and avoid caffeine, alcohol, smoking, and decongestant medications. If you experience chest pain with palpitations, you should be evaluated in the emergency room while you're having symptoms.