Can Your Heart Muscle Cramp?


Asked by pamkero

Can Your Heart Muscle Cramp?

I've been experiencing what I think is a cramp in my heart muscle. The first time it happened I had turned my head to the left when backing out of my driveway and I had a sharp pain under my left breast, like a cramp in the muscle. It didn't last very long, but I am having them more frequently since the first one a year ago. It only happens when I turn my upper body to the left without turning my whole body and always in the same spot. I don't think its my heart, but I am wondering if this will eventually damage my heart.


The symptoms you are having could be a number of things, heart, lungs, ribs, acid reflux, muscle, etc...? When it could be something with your heart, it is best to just not take chances and see a physician, especially when you are noticing the "cramping" more often.   It may or may not be something serious and it may or may not be something related to your heart but at least you would know.

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