Heart Rate At 54 Is This Normal.


Asked by Jill

Heart Rate At 54 Is This Normal.

I had an MI in December of 2003. Since then I have been on enalapril, metoprol and imdur for my bloood pressure. Recently I have started dieting and have been losing weight. I have noticed that the past copule of days then I check my blood pressure, it is normal 120/80 or a little high 130/90 but my pulse rate is down to 57 and the lowest is 54. I am 37 years old and about 202 lbs. Is this normal or should I contact my cardiologist?



Thanks for your question.

The normal pulse rate is 60 - 100. Of the medications listed, the Metoprolol, a beta blocker, can (and usually does) lower the pulse. A pulse rate between 50 and 60 is not alarming as long as there are no symptoms of dizziness, especially with position change. It's possible with weight loss, your pulse can slow down a bit, as there is less work load for the heart.

Because of your heart history, I would check in with your doctor and let him know of the changes you've described, as well as your progress with weight loss.

Continue the good work. Best wishes.

Martin Cane, M.D.