My Heart Rate Is 125 And My Oxygen Level Is 85. Could This Be Normal For Me?


Asked by CancerSurvivor

My Heart Rate Is 125 And My Oxygen Level Is 85. Could This Be Normal For Me?

I know that a heart rate at 125 and Oxygen level at 85 is not normal, but could it possible be normal for me? I am a Cancer Survivor of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma, I was diagnosed in 2004, I received Radiation and Chemotherapy Treatments for 4 months, was then diagnosed in Dec. 2004 Cancer Free. I have had a lot of health issues since then, unfortunately I still live with a Feeding Tube (Peg Tube) due to the Radiation damaging my throat preventing me from swollowing. My only means of nutrition is my feeding tube, I can not eat or drink by mouth, its very difficult for me to drink by mouth but I am told to always have water with me because I suffer from really bad dry mouth. I do drink water periodically throughout the day, I was told that 20% of what I do drink goes into my lungs.

Its very difficult living without being able to eat, its something you never think about happening to you or anybody, but yes it is possible. Anyway, for the past 3-4 months my Heart Rate and Oxygen level has been 125 / 85, my heart rate and oxygen level was tested by a few different doctors and they all talked to me about my heartrate being to high and oxygen level being to low. My Neurologist told me that its possible that these are my normal numbers, 125 / 88 is not normal for a normal adult but with all my health issues and everything my body has gone through its possible that these levels are normal for me.

Could you please help me out, give me your advice on this issue please.


Hi CancerSurvivor,

I agree that these numbers are not normal. However, from your explanation, it is apparent that your physicians are all aware of the issue and have considered it. If they feel this is normal for you considering your medical history and current medical issues, they will likely continue to monitor the numbers for any worsening and make medical decisions accordingly.

Congratulations on your cancer survival!

Best of luck,

Monica M. Skidmore, MS, RD, LDN