Heart healthy benefits of wine hurt by obesity

Drinking a glass or two of wine is thought to be good for your heart; numerous studies have backed this claim over the years.  However, new research from Curtin University's Public Health Advocacy Institute (Australia) indicates that being overweight or obese could negate any positive effects of a drink.

The researchers found that alcohol works on a "J-curve," where a little alcohol may lower your risk of heart disease while more alcohol raises the risk.  Concerned that studies conducted 40 years ago may no longer apply for a fatter generation, the scientists revisited the groundbreaking Framingham Heart Study.  They found that wine is, in fact, good for slimmer men, but for men with a BMI over 27.5, the results did not apply.

For frame of reference, a 5' 10" man who weighs 192 pounds has a BMI of 27.5; a 5' 4" woman who weighs 162 pounds has a BMI of 27.6.  According to the CDC, 35.7% of all American adults had a BMI over 30, classifying them as obese.

Sourced from: Medical News Today, A Little Wine Is Good For You? Not If You Are Overweight