Heavy Tightness In Center Of Chest And Pain Between Shoulder Blades??


Asked by Lucy2015

Heavy Tightness In Center Of Chest And Pain Between Shoulder Blades??

Hi all, For the past couple of weeks I've been feeling run down, tired and weak, also accompanied by minor chest pains. However the past couple of nights the chest pain has woken me up. It's not the same pain anymore, rather it's a very heavy/pushing sensation, and is one of the most uncomfortable feelings I have ever had! I also have quite bad pain between my shoulder blades. My breathing and heart rate are normal, however I still feel as though all the air has been knocked out of me, and I continuously have to suck huge amounts of air in and hold it in/push it down as hard and as long as I can, as this relieves the pressure type pain for a few seconds after I exhale. I've also almost thrown up a couple of times (nothing came up). The pain starts suddenly and lasts for a while, but then disappears, eventually starting up again at some point during the day. It's now getting worse, and I need some reassurance that it isn't anything to worry about. I feel like I'm suffocating. I don't think it's anything to worry about, as I am only 24 and am not overweight (I'm underweight), have no family history of heart problems (that I'm aware of), and don't have high blood pressure or anything like that. However, my lifestyle isn't too healthy, but nothing that I don't think would have contributed to any heart problems, keeping in mind my age as well. Is anyone able to help? Please and thank you!


Hi Lucy2015: Here is a link that reviews different causes of chest pain: Chest pain. I strongly recommend you see a doctor for a physical assessment. First of all, you are young and you shouldn't be having all these unusual symptoms. Secondly, over time these symptoms have gotten worse. Also, in regards to any chest pain it is recommended to be assessed by a professional. Take care, Tara, RN