Height hormone may provide target for fighting cancer, diabetes

New research published in the journal Science found that a hormone linked to how tall we grow could provide a target for which scientists can deisgn drugs for fighting cancer and diabetes.

The results showed how the growth hormone and its receptor work together: it appears that the receptor remains in a dormant state that relies on two component molecules inhibiting each other. But when growth hormone comes along and binds to the receptor, it causes a structural change that "wakes up" the two components so they activate each other and trigger the cellular response to the hormone. That has given the scientists a clearer idea of which part of a molecule can be targetted by specially designed drugs.

Lead author Dr. Andrew Brooks says that not only could growth hormone help with treating cancer and diabetes, but also with treating inflammatory bowel disease, blood disorders, osteoporosis, and obesity.

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Sourced from: Medical News Today, Height hormone offers target for fighting cancer and diabetes