Helicopter Head

Sarah S. Shay

(...reports of strange lights: white grids, purple-black oily moons...blue and orange rims...)

Radio Unit: "Helicopter Head, copy?" "10-4, on my way."

Axels chopping air, Resurrecting from the ground: Hiccupping giant.

The pilot is a Linebacker, rototilling a path for his team.

Friday night football: Crossed with an eerily stark, rural, foggy farm:

Cemetery farm: Dead armies rise from drumming, Dancing with their guns.

Green heads of lettuce, Nauseated by the sound... Salads WILL be tossed!

"Helicopter Head, You are in a no-fly zone!" (It doesn't matter).

"Who's in control now?!" Out of control chopper is! Red skies in 'mourning.'

Helicopter Head Ignites dead firing squads. Shooting, THROBBING pain!

5-to-9 servings Of fresh fruits and vegetables: Casualties of war.

(...reports of strange sounds... unidentified objects beeping, whirring, whistling)

"HH, do you read?" ......voicemail: (continued) "oh, hi, HH..."------BEEP!

Message cut in 2 Dead still waltzing in 3/4 Pain is still a 10.

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