Hello,i Have Had A Bruise Kindofthing Almost Like Under The Skin Of My Right Breast.


Asked by Dharshi

Hello,i Have Had A Bruise Kindofthing Almost Like Under The Skin Of My Right Breast.

i went for a mamo when i noticed it2 yrs back. Doc never called me back . The tech who did it was not concerned.So i forgot about it.This time it was done with an ultrasound, and when i insisied the mamo tech told me ur dr might referto specialist just to make sure everything is right.This rings the bell to me saying something had been on my mammo. What would have she seen?It looks like a.25" lengthy and for thepast 2 yrs i dont think therewas much change outside. I get lot of pimples on my neck shoulder belly area.So thought itslikeoneof them. Even the ultra sound or mamo tech when they sawfrom outside thought it was a bruise. It is not red or hot or doesn't cause any discomfort.i'm 42yrs.

My mamo result wont be out until3-5 dys and I'm hurting badly on this torture to wait.Is it possible i have cancer? If so within this 2yrs would it have been spread inside badly. I have 3 kids youngest being six I want to see him grow asthat is all I have in life.Last 1 yr i'm under tremendous stress in an abusive relationship, can stress cause any infection kind of thing ?Thank you


Hi - Thankfully, what you describe doesn't sound like a breast cancer symptom. A bruise on your breast that spreads, becomes worse, and makes your breast swell up, itch, and beocme hot, red, and painful - if all of that happened within a month or two of when you first noticed it, then yes, you'd have reason to worry. But if this has been going on for 2 years or more, with little or no change, then it's unlikely it would be a growing cancer.

The tech doing the ultrasound most likely wouldn't have access to a previous mammogram, so don't read anything into the fact that she thought you might want to get a referral to a specialist; I'm sure she's just doing her job, and suggesting that you find out what this is, one way or another. Any responsible medical person would suggest the same thing.

And, if possible, I'd take her suggestion; go back to your own doctor and, if s/he doesn't seem interested in pursuing it, if you can afford another opinion, ask for a referral for a second opinion. It's clear you're very stressed about this, and the only way to find some peace of mind is to rule out cancer, and find out exactly what this is - something a breast specialist could probably tell you.

Can stress cause infection? Well, stress in general compromises your immune system, so indirectly, yes, stress can cause an infection or other medical problems. Is there someone you can talk to about this abusive relationship? I've had good luck with the social workers at my local hospital, when it comes to referring women in abusive relationships. So, perhaps you could take some action on that at the same time. For the sake of your children as well as yourself, you don't want to remain in a relationship that might prove dangerous, either physically, or emotionally.

I wish you the best of luck - PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel