Hello What Does Breast Pain Feel Like? Does It Feel Like Your Having A Heart Attack.


Asked by Keshia

Hello What Does Breast Pain Feel Like? Does It Feel Like Your Having A Heart Attack.

I thought i might be having chest pain but i've been to the hosptail six times had heart attack test done and they all came back normal. I've also had test for my heart i've had all the test done except one which is called a heart cath but my doctor says i shouldn't do it. So now i think it might be breast pain cause most of the time it hurts around my breast and it hurt all day. I don't have lumps as i know of. My mother check and said she didn't feel any lumps so yeah. I have been taking birth control i don't know if it's that though. I'm worried, and the breast ach is one to four. I always keep thinking its a heart attack or something. So can someone give me some in sight please and by the way i am twenty one years old. I am overweight, I do not smoke or drink and i am trying to eat right and lose weight.


First, Keshia, kudos to you, for trying to eat healthy and lose weight. It's tough, but just making the effort puts you on the right path.

Breast pain, especially what sounds like pretty severe breast pain, wouldn't be a normal symptom of breast cancer, which is usually painless. Since you've already been checked for heart issues, you might consider seeing a breast specialist - a doctor who deals in breast issues, including lumps, pain, rashes, infections, etc. Since this seems to be bothering you a lot, please ask your regular doctor for a referral to a breast specialist, OK? And in the meantime, you might want to read our post on breast pain; it might shed some insight on this. Take care- PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel