Hello! Can To Much Yogurt Cause A Acid Reflux Flareup?


Asked by alice

Hello! Can To Much Yogurt Cause A Acid Reflux Flareup?

Hello! Can eating too much yogurt cause an acid reflux flareup?


Unfortunately the answer is "That depends." In general, yogurt is considered a reflux friendly food and the beneficial bacteria that it contains is considered rather gut friendly. But, it is very possible that one type of yogurt can have other ingredients in it that you are sensitive to or that too much milk product caused a sensitive gut reaction.

The best way to tell if it was the yogurt is to cut back on it and see if the symptoms improve. Then when you eat it again see if the symptoms come back. For many of us, we find that we can eat many things in small quantities even if they are foods we know will cause us to reflux but not large amounts. For example, I absolutely LOVE cheesesteak subs but there's no chance I can eat even half of one without getting really sick which makes it not worth it. I can however eat a bite of two of my husband's sub with no significant issues so I get the taste but not the pain that goes along with it.

Good Luck - Stephanie

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