Help! Erythromycin Discontinued?

by Jan Gambino Patient Expert

Dear Reflux Mom,

I heard that Erythromycin was discontinued. I am so worried because my baby and preschooler take this medication every day for delayed gastric emptying and Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease and it really helps them. Now what?

Concerned Mom

Dear Concerned Mom,

Thanks you for alerting me about the Erythromycin. I know many infants and children who use this medication for delayed gastric emptying or poor motility due to GERD. As you know, there is a great need for safe and effective motility medications and few choices on the market.

I contacted the manufacturer of Erythromycin and they told me some formulations had been discontinued but Erythromycin will still be available. If there is a problem getting the medication, the pharmacist can contact the manufacturer for advice on alternatives.

I called my own pharmacist and asked if Erythromycin was available and I was told that it was discontinued. If that happens to you, simply ask the pharmacist to search further and call the manufacturer.

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Jan Gambino
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