My Hemoglobin Is 11.5


Asked by shakeel

My Hemoglobin Is 11.5

I am 28 year old man, and my hemoglobin is 11.5, is that serious. Recently i have gone through soe test and found weight : 80 KG Height: 171cm BP- 100/70 HB% 11.5 grm RBS 96 Mb/dl B Fat - 25.9 % V fat 11% is any this serious abut my report.


Hi Shakeel:

Your hemoglobin is a little below the norm. Here is a link further discussing Hemoglobin Levels.

Blood Pressure of 120/80 is considered the norm. But it doesn't mean your 100/70 blood pressure is bad. It isn't high and it may be normal for you. If you are not symptomatic of hypotension, i.e. lightheadedness, dizziness, visual changes, weak, then your doctor would be okay with your blood pressure being 100/70.

Below is a chart showing the range of body fat percentages for Male: Description


Men Essential fat


2-;5% Athletes


6-;13% Fitness


14-;17% Average


18-;24% Obese


25%+ Take care,

Tara, RN