Can You Get Herpes From A Brazilian Bikini Wax?


Asked by Kariann

Can You Get Herpes From A Brazilian Bikini Wax?

I'm wondering what ways you can contract genital herpes, aside from sexual intercourse? Specifically, I'm wondering if you can contract genital herpes from getting a Brazilian bikini wax?


I assume what you're referring to is the way aestheticians use a big melting pot of wax for probably all customers. and that someone with herpes will use the wax before you and the virus may then be transferred to you. Or perhaps you have herpes and are worried about giving it to someone else?

I understand the concern, given that a Brazilian wax covers a lot of area very close to mucous membranes, and that sometimes waxing can lead to small open wounds.  I personally, don't get waxed when I'm having an outbreak, and I'd be surprised if other people did.  Also, the wax that is poured on someone else never gets put back in the pot -- it gets thrown away.  The only way the herpes would get back in the pot would be through the spatula they use to apply the wax, but I've found that the spatula is so coated in wax that it's never touching much of my skin.

Finally, I would have a hard time believing that the herpes virus could live in hot wax for long enough to infect someone else.  If you've been waxed before, you know that it gets hot in there!

I would say getting herpes from the waxing salon is about as probable as getting herpes from a toilet seat.  There may be a tiny chance, but it's not enough to obsess about.

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Answered by Penelope James