Can You Get Herpes On Or From The Buttocks?


Asked by Midwesternmale

Can You Get Herpes On Or From The Buttocks?

I met a girl and after a two months of dating we had sex with a condom, but we also performed oral on each other. Two weeks later we decided to have sex again, however, she decides to tell me that she has herpes on her buttocks but it's covered by a band-aid. I was very upset and asked why she didn't tell me before we had sex the first time. She told me that I was basically over reacting and that she does not have herpes in her vagina or mouth. She claims she was told by her doctor that she could not transmit herpes to anyone from her vagina or mouth. They could only catch the disease if they were touching the blisters on her buttocks. Is this true? and was I wrong for getting upset that she didn't tell me prior to having sex? Keep in mind, I had just told her prior to us having sex for the first time that I tested negative for herpes 1 or 2, Hiv, and syphyllis. Although she claims that my risk was minimum according to her doctor, I still felt I had the right to know beforehand.


Hi Midwesternmale,

I know you posted this a long time ago, and you received excellent information from a community member, but I thought you might be interested in reading up on the topic.

It is possible to get Herpes from someone who is not even having an outbreak, and someone who has Herpes should tell his or her partners before they have sex. You might want to see a doctor and get a blood test even if you have not shown symptoms. The Herpes virus can stay dormant for a long time.

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Hope all is well!