Do I Have Herpes If The Lesion Never Scabs Over Or Appear As Blisters??


Asked by frustrated1984

Do I Have Herpes If The Lesion Never Scabs Over Or Appear As Blisters??

I was diagnosed with herpes about 3 yrs ago.My gynecologist told me I had herpes and then did a herpes culture. The test came back negative but she told me that it was most likely a false negative result. I then seen another gynecologist and she told me that it was not herpes and it didnt look like herpes either. Well since then I have been having recurrent outbreaks very often. I have the classic symptoms of itching, sometimes pain, and sometimes redness and swelling at the site, but I have never had a flud filled blister or even a bump. Its always a very tiny ulcer or a red slit in the skin. They are never in clusters, its always just one. They never dry up and scab over either. Could this be because it is in a moist area?? Does this even sound like herpes?? What else could it be?? Its been goin on for 3 yrs and just recently (over the past 4 months) I have been having outbreaks almost every week, I even had an outbreak in my anus, which has never happened to me before.


the rashes sound like they could be but i really like to have confirmation by testing so i would recommend - if you really want to solve this - having either an IgG and IgM - one shows recent exposure and one shows lifetime exposure - so if the recent comes back negative but the other is positive - the results can be believed since you've had this for 3 yrs. The other option is to have a herpes test and ask them to also run a "Western blot control" which will help determine if the test results are correct.

Good luck

Answered by Amy Hendel, P.A.