Can A Herpes Outbreak Consist Of A Single Sore?


Asked by anonymous

Can A Herpes Outbreak Consist Of A Single Sore?

Herpes or not? Back in March I had a single sore appear on my clitoris, it wasn't really hard or soft just fleshy and the top of it was white.. no other symptoms. I went to PPH and had a culture ran on the sore at the nurse's suggestion. The sore had probably been there for 3 days already. The results came back negative for herpes. Now FWD to November I have had a single sore again appear in the exact same spot on my clitoris. Once again not painful or itchy, white top on it and somewhat flat but obviously a sore. When I talked to a nurse at PPH she said she would suggest having a blood test done for herpes. What are the chances of a herpes outbreak consisting of a single sore? And is it possible the culture taken on my sore was wrong? This really sucks cuz now I have to go through all the uncertain emotions again like I did back in March. I was thinking that since I shave maybe it was regrowth of my outter labia pricking ( no pun intended) my clitoris since I shave the outter and inner part of my outter labia and making it raw therefore creating a sore. I have also been reading that most first outbreaks occur with 2 weeks-1 month of contracting the virus... which is even odder because I hadn't been sexually active for 4 months. I have an annual exam on the 25th and will be getting a blood test done... just looking for some feedback please. Obviously I am freaking out and need someone to give me some hope here


It sounds more like a cyst or infected follicle or sebaceous cyst - not herpes. No insult to the nurse - who is examining you in person, but I'd get a GYN doctor's opinion if possible. These cysts can happen and are usually left alone to resolve. Herpes does not typically present that way so I would be doubtful. Get a doctor diagnosis.

Answered by Amy Hendel, P.A.