Herpes, Scabies, Or Shingles?


Asked by leandria

Herpes, Scabies, Or Shingles?

I went to the doctor with a rash on left buttock and pain in groin area(lower waist area left side).The doctor look at it and said it was hsv.He put me on antiviral famvir.The rash cleared up.however two to three weeks later i began to get red small itchy clusters of bumps all over my body, waist area, underarms, behind knees, inner thighs,went back to the the doctor said it look liked scabies. Could this have been scabies or shingles in the first place?


Hi there

Was this the same doctor to tell you both things?

Did this doctor give you a blood test to determine if you have herpes and which kind it is?

Here is our site on herpes.

I might consider getting a second opinion from another doctor or going to a dermatologist. It would be helpful to you to know exactly what it is you have. Herpes is a very different situation thatn scabies or shingles.

Here is an image of scabies.

Here is an image of shingles.

Here is an image of herpes.

They all look different. I might consider getting a second opinion from another doctor. If your doctor suspects herpes he should have taken a culture or he might have given you a blood test. Did he do either of these things?

Let us know what you find out. Thank you for your question.

Answered by Merely Me