Herpes From A Toilet Seat, Sauna Or Hot Tub- Why Not??


Asked by Cindy

Herpes From A Toilet Seat, Sauna Or Hot Tub- Why Not??

When my kids were little I gave them kisses on the mouth once while I had a cold sore and they both got one in the same place. I do not see why it is believed that if a person sat unclothed on a surface, such as a toilet seat, sauna or hot tug seat with open weeping sores and open blisters that anyone coming in right after them and sat down, undessed, right here would get herpes just like I game my children cold sores. Contact to contact. I walked into a bar on the upper Oregon Coast, in 1983. While I was there I used the ladies room. Knowing everyone at the bar in the small town of about 302 people I guess I felt safe enough to just flop down on the toilet seat. In a day or two or three I developed these itching bumps that lasted for weeks. They were deep and took time to heal. But then they kept coming back in about the same place on my butt cheek. Starting with the crazy itching and flu like feelings like aches and pains until I cannot stand the itching anymore, covered the blisters with a piece or two of clean toilet paper and squeezed then hard enough to pop them and the itching now turns to burning and brused and weeping but no more of that crazy itching. I had been with the same guys for years and he never showed a sign of it. Even when I did not know what it was and did not cover the area while I was in a break out. He luckliy did not get it even when we spooned in the nude at night in our sleep. Some doctors have told me I have it and some have said I haven't. I do not wish to risk it so I take precautions as if I do have it irregerdlessly. Better safe than sorry. Excuse my spelling. It's not my strong point!! Thank you for your input.


Hi Cimmo

I can see where you might think you could get the herpes virus from a toilet seat or sauna but it just isn't true. You skin to skin bodily contact. The virus is spread through bodily fluids.

The literature is very consistent with this fact as for example...here is but one of many web sites which say:

"Toilet Seats are not Transmitters

Type 2 of the herpes simplex virus, (genital herpes), is not able to live on a non-living surface, such as a toilet seat, hot tub, or bathtub. Therefore, it is not possible to contract herpes from any of those objects. The virus that causes herpes is very delicate and it cannot live long or at all on such surfaces. It requires skin-to-skin contact or bodily fluid contact through sexual encounters in order to live and multiply."

And on this Communicable Disease web site they pretty much say the same thing:

"THE MYTH: You can get herpes from toilet seats.

THE REALITY: The genital herpes virus is a fragile virus that dries out when it is exposed to air. There have been no proven cases of genital herpes transmission from a toilet seat."

You get genital herpes from sexual contact.

There are two types of Herpes Viruses.

Type 1 is spread by kissing, since it is oral herpes. But it can also be spread when oral sex is performed. Type 2 is spread through sexual contact, having sexual intercourse, anal or oral sex.

Here is our Herpes site if you want more information.

I am not understanding how any doctor can be ambiguous about whether you have Herpes or not. If you have been tested they will know. Have you actually been tested?

I would strongly suggest that you get tested for Herpes.

I hope this helps some. It is good to have accurate information when dealing with this type of issue. Thank you for your question.

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