Herpes And Toothache


Asked by L

Herpes And Toothache

I have an outbreak accompany by a severe toothache, and I have sores in the gum, is the toothache and the outbreak related ?


Hi L,

Thanks for posting your question. I'm neither a doctor nor a dentist, but I do have herpes and think I may be able to answer you.

I assume you have oral herpes and are having an outbreak in your mouth. I have never heard of toothaches being a symptom of herpes, but it does sound like, in your case, the two are related. The herpes virus lives in the nervous system, and my guess is the tooth that is hurting is attached to a nerve that is irritated by the outbreak.

I wouldn't worry about it too much. Are you taking anti-virals to combat the outbreak? You should be. If your tooth still hurts after the outbreak has gone away, I would recommend you go see a dentist as the problem may be something else. However, I bet the toothache is due to infected nerves in your mouth and will go away with the outbreak.

I recommend checking out the Symptoms page as well as the Herpes Basics page to better understand the disease you have. Those sites cover mostly genital herpes, but the information in it can apply to oral herpes as well.


Answered by Penelope James