I Have High Alk Phos Level In Blood.


Asked by Leeanna

I Have High Alk Phos Level In Blood.

I have been to a Gasteroligist and Rheumatology Doctors. The first couldn't find any reason for the Alk Phos level. The latter has diagonoised me with a Lupus marker, fibromyalgia and a vitamin D defiencency with a mild case of Osteoporpsis. I am currently on DHEA 200 mg. Nasel spray vitamin D, tablets 500 mg a day. I am told that tests results show that I am not aborbing vitamin D. Also taking once a month Actonel.

I have had trouble losing weight and have a steady weight gain. I am 5'9 and 175 pounds and 58 years old. I am moderately excersing but have a lot of pain due to the fibromyalgia. I also have hot flashes that have begun again and have all the symptoms of going through menopause again. I also have leg pain in my right thigh and have muscle cramps in legs and feet. My thinking gets foggy at times. Could there be something else besides my diagnosis causing these symptoms?


Obviously, there is much more to your story than this small description; so my abilities to answer your question is limited. The Alk Phos (Alkaline Phosphatase) is very non-specific labatory marker.. meaning that sometimes no one knows specifically why it is abnormal or what abnormal really is. Upperwards of 30% of those with an elevated Alk Phos will have no clear reason (diagnosis) explaining this lab finding, despite extensive work-up. So, the Alk Phos is nothing to hang a hat on (make a diagnosis with) but can be worthwhile monitoring for someone with known liver or bone disease (that is where alk phos comes from).There may not be a reason for your elevated Alk Phos.

The DHEA supplementation is interesting and I assume your use of it is because it may benefit those with Lupus. However, DHEA is a powerful hormone and does have side effects because it essentially increases the testosterone and estrogen levels. Hot flashes, acne, and facial hair are some of the known side effects.

So, your final question about whether or not there could be another diagnosis... sure, anything is possible. But, sometimes a diagnosis is elusive in the early stages (or at any stage). Until the monster raises its head fully, you will have to live with a bit uncertainty.

Keep working with your doctors because you appear to be in good hands.

Dr. Christina Lasich, MD

Answered by Christina Lasich, MD