High Blood Pressure And Extreme Exercise With Dizziness


Asked by Mrs. Moore

High Blood Pressure And Extreme Exercise With Dizziness

My husband has high blood pressure and recently we both started exercising. He sweats heavily when exercising. He has been walking on the treadmill and lifting heavy wieghts. Since yesterday he is experiencing dizziness when bending, and yesterday when he was working out he got light headed and felt nauseated. I am concerned and it is hard to make him to go to doctor. What could be the cause? We both eat healthier now and he skips meals, which he thinks is the cause. He does take his high blood pressure medication.


Hi Mrs. Moore:

There are numerous things that could be causing his lightheadedness/dizziness. His symptoms sound like orthostatic hypotension, where blood pressure drops when changing positions, hence the symptoms of lightheadness, clammy, faint, etc...I've attached a link that discusses the different types of hypotension. I feel this might help explain what may be going on.

Important things to keep is mind are keeping hydrated and fueled (eating food) when working out. Since he is having these symptoms, he has to be very careful to change positions slowly so he doesn't faint or fall and get further injuries.

Possibly since he has been changing his diet and working out for the past three weeks, he may be on too high of a dose of blood pressure medication. The doctor may need to adjust it. A lot of times with the right diet and exercise a person can get off of their blood pressure medications and just manage it with diet and exercise.

If your husband is adament about not going to the doctor, you could have him check his blood pressure with an at home monitor. You can buy one of those at any drug store. It would be good to see what his blood pressure is doing when he is working out and when changing positions. If there is a significant drop of systolic (top number) 20mmHG and/or 10mmHG (bottom number) when he changes positions, and/or he is symptomatic, he needs to call your doctor's office to report it. Also, if you have a blood pressure monitor you could check it routinely, like early AM, noon, and HS and you may find out his blood pressure is running too low. Then you would want to contact his doctor because he/she would want to adjust your husband's blood pressure medication dose.

Hope this helps and Good Luck,

Tara, RN

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