Had High Blood Pressure, Now Low?


Asked by elrav

Had High Blood Pressure, Now Low?

46 yr old female, 3yr history of high blood pressure, being treated with Amiloride HCL/HCT 5/50 and Atacand. Two weeks ago hospitalized for high bp event - 198/138, heart rate of 147. Given nitro and IV infused beta blocker, and IV fluids, released 8hrs later when bp normalized. Since then my bp has been very erratic, but mostly is very low now - running on average now 100/60, has gone down to 87/57. Why am I now having low blood pressure? Is it a sign of anything serious? Have also had abnormal ecg's since high bp event - one ecg revealed possible heart block, another one showed possible enlarged heart, and a third revealed by heart wasn't getting enough oxygen. I am going for stress test next week, but would appreciate any input now. Also, there have been no changes in medication, diet, etc, since high bp event to present.


Hi Elrav,

Contact your physician. Even though your medication/treatment plan has not changed since the high blood pressure event two weeks ago it may be that you now need to make adjustments to your medication.

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Lisa Nelson RD

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