High Blood Pressure While Running On Treadmill Stress Test


Asked by dave

High Blood Pressure While Running On Treadmill Stress Test

hi im 50 yrs old and had to take a ecg stress test for my hgv licence.

my rest blood pressure was 140/85 after two mins on test blood pressure was taken while still walking and arm hanging down. test was stopped because pressure was 200/110. i have taken pressure on my own treadmill and heart rate 161 and showed 161/95 standing still but showed 230/110 while still walking.

i have tested my son 25 yrs old his was 222/140 while walking on mill but only 150/85 while standing still while pressure was taken. other friend the same very high while walking but low while standing still.

if while moving pressure reading is not correct how can i do a stress test and they stop it if pressure reaches 200+ i cant see how i can pass test.

as this is having a great reaction to my job need some help as no one will explain

can your blood pressure be taken and true reading while on stress test.


Hi Dave,

Here is a link to information on the exercise stress tests and blood pressure readings taken throughout the test.

Exercise Stress Test

All the best,

Lisa Nelson RD

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