High Heart Rate And Low Blood Pressure During Exercise.


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High Heart Rate And Low Blood Pressure During Exercise.


I'm a 43 yr old male around 210 lbs. Wearing a heart rate monitor during exercise, my heart rate is max'ing out around 180. Also, occasionally my BP after exercise is quite low 85/58. I don't check my BP everytime, usually only when my work out felt more strenuous then normal. I exercise before lunch. I do have a bad habit of not drinking or eating anything after I wake up until right before I leave the house to work out. Then I'll grab some water and some peanut butter crackers. The bad habits of a rushed life. I will drink plenty during exercise. Are my symptoms as simple as dehydration or something more serious? What is the relationship between low blood pressure and high heart rate?




Hi Gary,

Your heart rate during exercise is a little higher than the ideal. To calculate your target heart rate:

Max heart rate = 220 - age (220 - 43 = 177)

Ideally you should work out at 50-75% of your max heart rate.

177 x .50 = 89

177 x .75 = 133

So, your target heart rate is between 89 - 133 bpm. If you check and your heart rate is creeping up, decrease the intensity of your workout.

Having a lower blood pressure post workout is expected and one of the benefits of exercise. This lower blood pressure may last for several hours. A study found exercise drops blood pressure for 8-12 hours post exercise (the study was done on men with high blood pressure). Blood pressure also tends to be lower on days you exercise versus the days your inactive.

Of course, double check with your MD. I can only go off the numbers and information you give, your MD knows your complete medical background and whether or not you have other factors that are a reason for concern.

All the best,

Lisa Nelson, RD, LN

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