Very High Spikes In Blood Pressure


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Very High Spikes In Blood Pressure

What causes high blood pressure spikes up to 200/120 ,just out of the blue..I am taking 2 blood pressure my salt..take potassium pills twice a day..I had a head anyeusum which was clipped in Jan 2010 since then my B/P has spike out of control for no reason just out of the can be between 112/56 and 136/76 and then go up to 220/120 ..I have to take .5 Adivan and if not lowering 1 spray of Nitro...and head for hospital....8 time since Jan 22 2010..Tested for pheochromocytoma with negative results...testing was done during normal time, Had another test done while having attack..still waiting for results..

Had Cat-angiogram done to check kidneys and arterys in top of legs..small amout of plague build up in right side..extra artery on left side...

Blood pressure is running low now 110/65 to 99/56 most of time even after mild walks...drinking diluted gator aide to help with this...but sudden spikes up to 179/98 and ^ controlled at home with meditation tapes and adivan and nitro....

Would like to know if other possible conditions can cause this.....


Hi Mellow,

See if this post discussing rises in blood pressure helps answer your question:

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