High-fat diet increases breast cancer risk

According to a study that included data from 337,000 women ages 20 to 70 in 10 European countries, women whose diets included a lot of fat — particularly, a large amount of saturated fat from animal products — were more likely to develop certain types of breast cancer, compared with women who consumed less fat.

Researchers had the women complete dietary and lifestyle questionnaires at the beginning of the study. The researchers found that after 11.5 years, 10,062 women in the study (about 3 percent) had breast cancer and noted the type of breast cancer each woman had. Higher fat consumption was linked with a greater risk of the types of breast cancer that are fueled by hormones, such as estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer. The women in the study who ate the most saturated fat (about 47.5 grams per day) had about a 28 percent increased risk of these types of breast cancer, compared with the women who ate the least saturated fat (about 15.4 grams per day).

Further studies are needed to determine the amount of saturated fat women can safely consume. Until then, it’s recommended that women consume no more than 15 grams a day of saturated fat calories.

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Sourced from: Live Science, High-Fat Diet Increases Breast Cancer Risk, Study Finds