High-fiber diet protects against colon cancer

A diet high in fiber that includes plenty of vegetables, fruits and whole grains, may help protect against colon-related health conditions, according to new research.

In the study, scientists from the Cancer Center at Georgia Regents University explored the mechanisms by which fiber affects the immune response in the colon of mice. They found that the digestion of fiber led to the production of a fatty acid (called butyrate), which led to the activation of a certain receptor in the colon’s immune cells.

In the findings, published in the journal Immunity, the researchers explained that the immune cell activity in the colon is important because the cells produce anti-inflammatory molecules, which signal other cells in the body to produce more anti-inflammatory molecules. This process, researchers said, is crucial when it comes to reducing inflammation in the intestines, which is found in conditions such as colon cancer, Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.

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Sourced from: Medical News Today, Vitamin B3, fiber 'protects against colon cancer and inflammation'