Hiv From Berber's Scissor


Asked by sandy

Hiv From Berber's Scissor

Hello Sir/Madam,

I have o small query. Last week i had gone to Barbershop for haircut. While giving me haircut, he slightly nicked off my skin on back of my ear. It was'nt a big cut but small amount of blood did ooze out. Then he apply a stone like substance to my cut which i thought was ALUM. I am not sure about the sterlisation of his scissor. But it appeared dry and no visible blood from previous client was there on it. Can i get HIV from such incident?

Also when i enter into Barbershop, he had gone somewhere. I had to wait for about 10 mins for him to come and gave me haircut. For the whole time, the scissor was kept on the table in front of me. Can HIV transmit from such a scissor which is kept in open air for about 10 mins or so? Also can i get HIV from ALUM or that stone like substance which he applied on my wound, which is used for all clients i think without sterlisation? Should i need to get tested for HIV after 3 months. I am a bit worried sir. Please reply me about all my questions.



I am madam. HIV lives inside cells and gets transmitted from direct contact - tissue to tissue - not from an object. Also - HIV does not live long outside the body - so if the scissors were sitting out for 10 minutes in the air - it is extremely unlikely that you could get HIV from this object. Is your tetanus shot up to date?? That IS something to concern yourself with since the scissor might have been contaminated and tetanus could be a real concern.

Answered by Amy Hendel, P.A.