Hole In Breast?


Asked by Raiden

Hole In Breast?

Around a week ago I got a whitehead/zit on my left breast and didn't pay any attention to it. It burst two days ago and left a bleeding, abscessed spot behind (the skin around it was peeling off, too). It was a bit bigger than a pencil and had a small hole in the middle. I put a band-aid over it and let it be... I removed the band-aid today because I feared it would stop the skin from getting air. The hole closed and new skin has already grown over the spot, but it's purplish red, lumpy and glossy. Plus you can still see the hole through the new skin. It actually looks like a bruise right now. ...Is it anything I should be worried about?


Hi - This sounds very much like a boil or, as you say, an abscess. It was probably major enough that you developed some scar tissue. It should eventually calm down and heal, from the inside out. But if it seems to be kicking up again - or if your breast seems infected (red, swollen, hot, itchy, painful), then best to see a doctor ASAP, OK? Good luck - PJH

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