Home Remedy for Migraine and Headaches?

Patient Expert

I came across this article: Home Remedies for Headache Treatment - Must Try It. This is in the online news magazine American Chronicle. What's interesting is it talks about "curing" headaches with apples and henna. Hang on and I'll tell you all about it.

A bit unconventional I must say, but when we are desperate to get rid of our Migraine pain, we'll do anything. Right? They can see a Migraine sucker a mile away? I think not. So their first home remedy is to peel and chop an apple sprinkled with salt when you first wake up in the morning. After you do this for about a week your chronic headache will be "cured." Amazing

The next, and I must say fascinating, home remedy is if your headaches are caused by sun radiations (WHAT?) - flowers of henna are found to be effective by rubbing them in vinegar and apply it ALL OVER YOUR HEAD. Now this remedy claims instant relief.

The last home remedy of interest is the use of vivid blue flowers and the herb skullcap. Chop, steep in boiling water, sweeten with honey if you'd like, and viola! You have a treatment for Migraines, epilepsy, and even alcohol withdrawal!

Are they kidding? Migraine is a genetic neurological disease. Neither Headache or Migraines can be "cured" by eating apples, rubbing henna on your head or drinking herbs. The best prevention is treating your Migraine attacks early, watching your triggers if applicable, and be healthy. Will they ever learn?