Honing In On Cancer

“Cancer” is a generic term for a disease that’s specific to each person suffering from it. After all, every patient suffering from cancer has different genes and comes from a different environmental background.

But doctors are learning how to tailor treatment for specific patients.

Cancer doctors today, “talk about genes, they talk about genetic mutations, targeted therapies, immune therapies, words that, you know, barely were in the vocabulary, at least in the hospital,” oncologist Siddhartha Mukherjee tells NPR.

“It was certainly in the vocabulary of science forever, but they were not in the vocabulary in the hospital. And all of a sudden they are part of the vocabulary of the hospital. And the way they evaluate patients, the way they evaluate a kind of journey has changed. It's quite remarkable.”

Mukherjee adds that he hopes that targeted treatment will lead to better outcomes.

Sourced from: NPR, Oncologists Break Old Rules With Precision Cancer Treatments