I Have This Horrible Neck, Head Pain And Ear Pain, With A Terrible Sore Throat...


Asked by aaallenpaint

I Have This Horrible Neck, Head Pain And Ear Pain, With A Terrible Sore Throat...

, swollen tonsils, with alternating nauseous and fever for more than three months that just won't go away. Help?

I have been suffering from what I thought to be some type of horrible cold/flu bug for the past three months. I have horrible, neck, ear, throat, head pain with times that I am extremely nauseous and run a low grade fever. I have been on put on two separate antibiotics the first zpac, the second a two week stronger antibiotic after it came back the first time. The dr says my throat is red swollen, my glands are huge and my ears looks red and swollen inside almost simular to an ear infection, the pain i have in my neck and ears is worse than any type of cold or bug ive ever had. I am miserable, after the first 48 hours I start feeling great and it pretty much disappears and I feel cured, the day after I finish it comes right back worse than ever- help! I don't know what's going on but I have missed work because it makes me that miserable, both my one and two year old have had it and we just can't seem to kick it. Please any advice would be greatly appreciated!!! My dr said she will do exrays (since I have had many sinus infections in the past) and refer me out to an ear, nose and throat specialist but not until whatever I have is cleared up.


Hi aaallenpaint,

You must be very frustrated being ill for so long, and I'm sorry about that. While I didn't see anything in your question about Migraine or headache, it isn't uncommon to have head pain when we have the flu and/or a cold.

You may want to have a serious chat with your doctor and tell him/her you aren't getting better and what the next steps should be, or find a new doctor if you find they are not listening to you.

I wish I had more helpful information, but this is not our area of expertise.

Good luck


Answered by Nancy Harris Bonk