Can Hot Weather Affect High Blood Pressure?


Asked by kansas

Can Hot Weather Affect High Blood Pressure?

I have had hypertension for the past 9 months. I take atenolol, and my pressure stays really low. This will be the first summer with hypertension. The other day I was out in the heat for a couple of hours and after the first hour I began to get a headache, felt nauseous, felt weak, dizzy, and my heart started pounding. I went and sat in the shade but still didn't feel very well. I tried to stand up and it started all over again. It finally went away a couple of hours later after cooling down and getting water to drink. But I just wanted to know if this is what my summer is going to be like or what.


Hi Kansas,

A French study found a link between the weather and blood pressure, especially for individuals over the age of 80. As temperatures dropped 25 degrees, such as change from summer to winter, systolic blood pressure (top number) increased 5.0 mmHg.

So, the reverse of what you experienced. Your symptoms are cause for concern and I recommend you consult your physician. Your medication may need to be adjusted.

I spend 4 weeks in Kansas each summer visiting family starting mid-July. Just in time for the worst of the heat - ugh!

All the best,

Lisa Nelson RD

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