Why Do I Have a "Tremor" in My Vaginal Area?


Asked by MissLibby

For Over 24 Hours I've Been Having "Tremor" Type Feelings In My Vaginal Area

For over 24 hours I've been having "tremor" type feelings in my vaginal area—inside. It doesn't stop when I contract my vaginal muscles. I'm 52 (overweight) and going through menopause, experiencing hot flashes and night sweats. For 3 weeks I've been taking black cohosh and evening primrose with some relief. But these vibrations are new and bothersome. Please help.


Hi there

I want you to know that you are not alone with this symptom!

I was amazed to find that tons of women also are experiencing this mysterious thing but I am not able to find a conclusive answer as to why.

Here is one forum about this vibration feeling.

And here is another forum where almost three hundred women talk about this symptom!

One forum poster talked about fibromyalgia....do you have this? I am guessing this is some sort of nerve thing...but what causes it...I do not know. I think you should ask your doctor...perhaps they have some sort of answer. If you do get an answer...can you come back and share it with us? I would like to know.

Thank you for your question!

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