How Arguing With Your Spouse Can Be Bad for Your Health


If you have a chronic condition like arthritis or diabetes, an argument with your significant other can worsen your symptoms, according to a study conducted by researchers at Penn State.

This study involved two groups of people – 145 with osteoarthritis of the knee and their spouses and 129 people with type 2 diabetes and their spouses. Each group kept a daily diary for 22 days (arthritis group) or 24 days (diabetes group) with information about their mood, the severity of their symptoms, and whether interactions with their spouses that day were positive or negative.

Study participants reported worse moods and more severe symptoms, including pain, on days when tension with their spouse was highest. In the arthritis group, this effect carried over into the next day – severe pain one day led to worse moods and more tension the next day.

Sourced from: Pennsylvania State University