How (Dis)Organized Are You?: The Bipolar Question of the Week

Patient Expert

How organized are you? Okay, here are two things that make me laugh: 1) Pill organizers (with compartments for each day of the week), and 2) Mood trackers.

Yes - I know, I know. We really need to be keeping a strong watching eye on both our meds and our moods, but - duh - we're bipolar. May as well ask a fish to climb a tree.

A month ago, I was at San Diego's Meeting of the Minds put on by the local Mental Health America. Instead of spending the morning in a dark room listening to experts drone on through their PowerPoints, I hung out in the exhibit hall, which is where you catch up with old comrades-in-arms and meet new ones.

I lit upon the International Bipolar Foundation (IBF). IBF is doing great work putting bipolar issues on the map, and I am scheduled as a speaker for one of their meetings next year. I got into a conversation with Ashley Reitzin, who organizes events for IBF, and Maggie Reese, who is on the IBF board and is author of "Runaway Mind."

After five minutes - I couldn't resist - I pointed to one of the IBF pill organizers on the table. "Maggie," I said, "they actually expect us to organize our pills." The three of us shared a good laugh.

The last three weeks have been extremely busy for me. I've been involved in getting my past and current business records in order, which involved two trips to an accountant. This level of organization, needless to say, involved cleaning my desk, which in turn involved cleaning my home office (and changing my filing system from the floor to something a bit less open plan), which in turn involved me cleaning the whole house (again coming up with various alternatives to my trusty reliable floor).

I was on a roll. May as well do my laundry, I decided. Not only did I do my laundry, but I actually paired my socks (those that I could find mates to) and put them away. I do myself no justice. I actually separated out my socks - dark from light from mid-range, dress from casual.

What has come over me? I could only wonder. Does this type of thing happen to you? Here's the question:

How (dis)organized are you? How do your different moods affect your levels of (dis)organization? Is your lack of organizational skills holding you back, or do you thrive on chaos?

This is a wide-open topic. Feel free to write a book. Comments below ...