How Eating Breakfast Helps You Burn More Calories


A small study from the United Kingdom suggests that eating breakfast before exercising helps your body burn more carbohydrates for fuel and digest food more quickly afterwards.

The researchers examined the effects on the body of eating breakfast versus fasting in study participants who bicycled for an hour. The study involved 12 healthy men who either ate breakfast two hours before exercising or fasted before exercising. After cycling for an hour, the study participants rested for three hours. The researchers measured levels of blood glucose levels and muscle glycogen (carbohydrates stored in the muscles and used for fuel) after the exercise and again after the rest period.

They found that eating breakfast increased the rate at which the body burns carbohydrates during exercise and the rate at which it digests and metabolizes food eaten later in the day. They speculate that eating breakfast before exercising may “prime” the body for better efficiency all day.

Sourced from: American Journal of Physiology