How Much Coffee for a Healthy Heart?


The amount of caffeine in four cups of coffee per day could boost heart health in older adults by improving the elasticity of their blood vessel walls, suggests a study published in PLOS Biology.

Previous research has shown that coffee can cut the risk of death from heart disease, diabetes, and stroke by about 19 percent, and may lower the risk for other health problems, including liver disease and certain cancers. This study, conducted by researchers in Germany, examined the effects of caffeine on human heart tissue and laboratory mice at the molecular level.

The researchers found that the caffeine equivalent of about four cups of strong coffee per day for 10 days could help prevent cell death and improve the health of heart tissue. They warn, however, that although some people may derive health benefits from drinking coffee, excessive caffeine intake can raise your heart rate, cause heart rhythm problems, and may promote tumor growth.

Sourced from: PLOS Biology